4.14.4 iOS Beta

Just released via TestFlight - drop a comment here if you’d like an invitation.

4.14.4 b582

  • Adds German and French announcements for event notifications
  • Spoken notifications are now louder by default for improved audibility
  • Updated: device screen will not dim or lock while the countdown page is open and active
  • Updated: changing the map location while live mode is enabled no longer reschedules the notifications for the new coordinates automatically (for the avoidance of disappointment…)
  • Updated: the Scheduled Notifications page UI has been revised for clarity; in Live Mode, the map pin location is shown to make it clear if the notifications location, map pin location and device location differ or not
  • Fix: max eclipse and C3 announcements will never precede C2 - previously, this could happen in certain edge locations (literally, an ‘edge case’!)

4.14.4 b581

  • Add link to community forum sign up on Help and Account pages
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