Altitude coverage in FOV

On web App, the altitude coverage does not reflect the correct degrees. e.g. for Nikon Z9 at 50 mm focal length, I get 39.5 degree vertical FOV, at 0 degree pitch, I get altitude coverage of -19.7 to +19.7, when I change pitch to 10 degree, altitude coverage changes to -9.7 to +1019.7, likewise when I change pitch to 20 degree, altitude coverage changes to +0.3 to +2019.7. Can you please explain? I am trying to figure out the needed pitch for my camera and lens to have altitude coverage from 60 degreee to 70 degree.

Looks like a bug. I’ll try to take a look this weekend. It’s probably just as easy to do the calculation in your head for now. If you need coverage from 60-70 degrees altitude, that’s 10 degrees, so you can read that straight off on the left hand side and ignore the range on the right (at least until I get that corrected).

Thanks for letting me know!

Didn’t quite get to this today I’m afraid, but I think it’s a simple fix - it looks like I’m concatenating strings instead of adding numbers. It’s probably a simple one line change. I’ll look tomorrow.

@sanjiv - this is now fixed on the web site.

For anyone wondering, the FOV tool being discussed is at Field of View Tool