And the clouds came rolling in

This is not the first time my very old GoPro has bailed me out. It was ironic to see my Sony a7iv/200-600mm/x1.4/GTi Tracker/Tripod just tracking a position where the sun should be. I almost got to focus - but no - had to remove the filter just after C1 to get a fleeting shot of the first bite. I felt that the shot across the Lake would be special - I just didn’t know how special. The clouds made the shot. I am very envious of some of the amazing photos being posted. The event was still amazing and I hope you like this very different perspective of a “Day of Totality”


I like your attitude and also your “Day of Totality” perspective. As photographers, we all would like perfect conditions for a shoot, but sometimes nature has her own ideas. You used your talent to capture nature as presented to you. You could have just given up, but instead recorded a unique view of an event that is awesome…with or without cloud cover. I was in North Texas for the eclipse and of course was hoping for clear skies, but one of the shots I took that I liked the most included cloud cover.


Thanks for the supportive comments. The clouds add a great texture and interest to that shot. I really did want the ring shot but alas…