Back home from Mexico

Got home late last night from Mexico. We saw the eclipse from Torreón - it was touch and go with the clouds only thinning in the last 10 minutes before C2. Prior to that we’d had intermittent glimpses of the Sun every few minutes only.

Hopes began to rise as we approached totality, and in the last few seconds, as the backlighting of the clouds dimmed dramatically, all was revealed!

Beads at Second Contact

Corona with Moving Clouds

Chromosphere 19s before C3

This was an interesting one to see - in the simulator, using a NASA average thickness, the chromosphere only showed up 10s before C3 for our location, but the reality was different. I’ll use this data to add some more ‘chromospheric’ radius options:

The feeling of relief to have actually seen totality was immense and definitely added to the experience!

How was your eclipse? Please share more reports and photos - I’d love to read them/see them!


Welcome home! I had to make a call between SW Arkansas and NW Ohio, both of which had a lot of uncertainty as of Friday. I decided that Ohio was the better bet, and that was probably a good choice. We had high, thin clouds that dimmed the light and unfortunately diffused the detail in the corona, but no blocking clouds, and the Baily’s Beads, diamond rings, and prominences showed through well.

I start posting some pictures in a separate thread.



Wonderful pictures Stephen! Those prominences are certainly beyond expectations. On Lake Ontario this is the best shot, shortly after C1, that I got. Never even got to snap the focus well.

So I shut down the camera and set out to enjoy the event with my fall-back plan, gin & tonic.

But I did get a time-lapse that I am crafting into a short video of the experience of the “day of totality”. Here is the unedited and uncorrected gopro 1fps time lapse.


Wow - love the video! It’s so dramatic. Congrats!

Fantastic detail of those solar features. Was this through a telescope?

Hi Ken - no, this was a 100-400mm with a 1.4x teleconverter, so 560mm equivalent. Shot on a Nikon Z8, at 45Mp, so plenty of data from which to crop!

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Stephen - Great photo and lots of great shots from other folks on this site as well! When I mentioned this was my first try and I was worried about using a 70-200mm lens with a 2x converter on my Canon 5D Mark III, you told me to go for it. I’m glad I did! This is my Diamond Ring shot (the start of it) from near Greentown, IN (about 5 miles from home). I had planned to travel further, but those sites were looking pretty cloudy close to “go” time and home looked better. Glad I stayed put!


Hi Jill - that’s a great photo. So glad it all worked out for you!