Best corona I can get

I’m afraid this is about the best I’ll be able to do with the corona from the 2024 total eclipse. The high hazy clouds let us see the eclipse but diffused the fine details and reduced contrast to the point where I can’t draw anything more out.

However, I was able to reveal several magnitude 6 and lower stars in the vicinity. I have identified epsilon Piscium, HIP 5209, Revati (double star zeta Piscium A and B), 88 Piscium, and HIP 5884, and there may be others in there.



Looks good Dave! The clouds definitely made this trickier than expected this time around.

Looks great to me, but I agree with you. I struggled to bring any more out of the corona. Too many high clouds in Mazatlan. I also struggled to get the same level of Earthshine that I got in 2017 and 2019. I’m blaming the clouds for that too

Holy cow Dave - that is exceedingly well done! Congratulations!!

Thank you, Kelly!