Clear skies today?

Wishing everyone a successful day today. It’s going to be touch and go here in Torreón, with almost certain high cloud - the question will be how thick they turn out to be.

Please do share your reports of the eclipse!


I’ll turn off live mode now. The lovely British voice just informed of “sunset in thirty minutes”. It was indeed very helpful if only to know what we should have been seeing.

Struggling to focus through clouds, I may have gotten a shot or two just after C1 but the clouds took over quickly. But the shadow of the clouds moving across Lake Ontario was unbelievable. I have a time-lapse of that and other b-roll of the event.

Now I was informed that moonset is in thirty minutes. Good night from Sodus Shores in NY.

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Here in Niagara Falls sunny in the morning clouded over around 11am. I set up at 1pm used the AR to see where the moon & sun was for the tracker mount. Got some breaks in the clouds only at 1st contact & that was it. At max nice & dark sparrows & robins quieten down & that was it. It was clear & sunny ay 5:15 go figure. But regardless it was enjoyable.

We spend 2 days worrying about getting a clear sky in Texas to shoot the Solar Eclipse. We are staying in Frio Country Resort. We changed location six times for a possible clear sky, Down to Mexico, Lampases, Sabinas, Dallas, Stay in Frio. Finally we decided on Mason TX on Sunday nnight. We started driving at 5:00 am. Arrived in Mason at 7:30 am. Decided to pay $60.00 for a parking spot in the golf course. At 8:30 PM the sky was completely covered by cloud. It starts clearing up by 11:30 AM. got a mostly clear sky through totality. 5 minutes after totality, clouds moves in and started raining. No C4 needless to say. Lucky to have mostly clear sky for the entire totality. Got a couple unprocessed photo directly off the camera with prominences, corona and double diamond rings. Need to do processing after I get home to Calgary, 3 more days of driving.

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This made me smile! I’ve had a few “Sunset in 30 minutes” days myself over the last couple of months. Sorry about the clouds :frowning: , but I’d love to see the time lapse if you end up posting it!

Very sorry you were clouded out - that must be frustrating. Still, the darkness is still quite an experience, I imagine.

Thanks Stephen It was, hearing the birds quieten down The place cooled off quite a bit approx 10 degrees. The church lit up with it lights. I was doing some research the next one in Calgary Alberta Aug 2044 I might be a little to old (91). But it was quite the experience considering it was 61 years ago when I saw my 1st.