Eclipse Orchestrator

I hope it is not inappropriate to post this here. I assume there are other folks here that use EO to manage their cameras during the eclipse. I have spent quite a bit of time developing/testing my script and by and large have been pretty happy with the results. Here is my problem. I have a Canon R7 that can take around 10 frames per second without overflowing the buffer. It is capable of going faster but only in short bursts. If I set up the camera for Auto Bracketing of 7 shots 2/3 stop increments and push the shutter button, the camera takes 7 fast bracketed shots and stops. If I connect my intervalometer and push the button, IT get the same results. When I hook up the DSUSB between my laptop and the camera and use EO to send the signal to push the shutter, I only get one shot rather than the burst of 7. I don’t know if I have something setup wrong in EO or what. It seems to me it ought to work. Has anyone else tried this with success and if so how did you get it to work. I have reached out to Fred at EO but have not gotten any response. Thanks in advance for your response.

On my R5 I have to hold down the shutter button in order for it to take all 7 bracketed shots. (The alternative is to have the two-second delay in effect, in which case it takes all 7 shots after the delay counts down.)

During this past eclipse I used an external intervalometer (TC80-N3) programmed to take a shot every 5 seconds. At each 5 second interval it was programmed to hold the shutter open for 3 seconds, which was enough time to fire off all 7 shots, and then wait 2 seconds and do it again.

I do not know if eclipse Orchestrator could be programmed like that, to hold down the shutter. The alternative would be to use the two-second delay, through you could shot as fast.


Sorry I can’t offer much help with this one - I’ve never tried hooking a camera up to any eclipse automation software.

As I recall, both Fred (EO) and Xavier (SEM) discussed some of the USB programming challenges and limitations of various camera interfaces in this video:

I spent 3 weeks on EO to drive 3 of my 5 cameras. Have the same problem you do, EO can only fire one single shot per command for my nikon camera both slr and mirrors less. No high speed continuous shot command or auto bracketing commands, no interval shooting option. It can only takes about 360 shots during the 4:25 of totality n diamond time frame. I had abandon EO and setup interval shooting and 9 frame auto bracketing to fire 5 times more shots within the same window.

Another issue I have with EO is, I cannot review any images taken unless I stop the program, review the image and restart the program. That makes me uncomfortable.