Eclipse rehearsal this evening - lessons learned

Eclipse rehearsal this evening, with the Moon at the same altitude as our planned location north of Torreón (~ +69.7 degrees).

Lessons learned:

  • steep shooting angle is fine - with an appropriate height seat
  • geared head makes a huge difference :+1:t2:
  • focus was fine in either manual with focus peaking (peeking?) and zooming the display to 1:1 (100%), or using back button auto-focus
  • somehow I keep managing to change the exposure comp setting inadvertently - no big deal in manual, but it messes up the metadata. I’ll likely change the button to something else.
  • will add a Gorilla Pod on my tripod leg for phone plus countdown timings

Only two more days prior to Apr 8 when the Moon gets that high here in Colorado.


Very helpful to see what
69 degree camera angle looks like. I’ll bring a lower seating chair for sure. A bit difficult for my D810 when the screen does not flip out. Going to get a stiff neck afterward. Thanks Steve! There is too much cloud in Calgary to do any more system test.

Yes - the angle and lack of foldable screen was probably the biggest factor in making me decide finally to upgrade my D800!

PS. Stephen rather then Steve :wink: