Ensure your countdown is green for 'go'!

A quick repost of something from the email I sent to our list today - with lots of people adjusting plans for Monday, if you’re using the iOS app, be sure to get things set for your final location!

If you’re planning on using the Event Countdown and Notifications function in Photo Ephemeris iOS to help time your eclipse photography next week, a few things to double and triple check:

  • Make sure to test notifications and be sure that your phone is configured so you can see and hear them - don’t leave it in “silent mode” by mistake and be sure to turn up the volume
  • Do at least one rehearsal - preferably several. Set the time to a couple of minutes before C2 and let the countdown and notifications play through so you know exactly what to expect
  • On the day, ensure that you’re all green before you enable Live mode - you want to be certain that notification settings are good, you’re at the location for which the countdown is being given and that your device’s clock is set accurately

These checks may be extra important if you’re mobile on the day - be sure to update the map location to wherever you end up and to exit and restart Live mode, to make sure things are set up correctly!

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