Last night's full moon at Denver International Airport

It wasn’t looking promising as we waited for the Moon last night. Clouds and a lot of heat haze rising from the taxiway and apron:

But patience paid off, and the Moon final put in an appearance, albeit 5 or so minutes later than hoped. This was at 9:04pm, around 10 minutes after moonrise:

Without the clouds, the rising Moon would have appeared right behind the north end (picture left) of the terminal building.

It soon emerged more or less completely from between the clouds. This is four minutes later at 9:08pm:

Did anyone else have a successful moonrise shoot yesterday?


Hey Steven,
Long time, but rest assured that I’m scouring Long Island and the NY Metro areas with TPE on a daily basis looking for interesting sun/moon alignments. We’ve had some pretty bad cloud cover over the last few moonrise cycles and June was no exception, but I was able to capture the June Strawberry moon from rise to just before it disappeared into clouds and haze. The plot was the moon aligned with the Robert Moses water tower, which is an local landmark located on the western end of Fire Island, NY. The shot was featured on a local weather channel.