Milky Way Headings and Data Import/Export


I’ve been using TPE for over 10 years now and it is absolutely critical to my workflow. I love it and have a couple questions or suggestions.

Would it be possible to display the headings at which the Milky Way intercepts the horizon? I often try to plan shots with the Milky Way intercepting a subject at a known heading near the horizon.

Next one: Is it possible to import or export data from the app? I keep shot plans in a spreadsheet so I can process and save additional information, record date/time windows, generate calendar events, and so on. Currently the only means of getting data in and out of the app is limited information in the share URL and manual entry.


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Hi @tmealyphoto - great questions!

For the Milky Way, am I understanding this correctly - that you’d like to see the numerical azimuths of the two directions indicated by the pink arrows here?

That would certainly be doable - I’d just have to think through where to display the data.

Regarding data export, I hope to add the ability to store shot plans in a future release and, once stored, I’d definitely look to provide data export options too.

(Note that you can already export your saved locations as KML.)

Let me know what you think regarding the Milky Way question.


Yep, those azimuths are exactly what I was referring to. Thanks!! That is going to make a big difference for me.

I like the sound of saving shot plans in TPE, too! Long term if that could import/export data or a way to interface directly with Excel or Google Sheets, or a calendar that would be a dream!