Moon not coming up

Confused about the map that shows where the moon is coming up. I set my spot so the moon would come up over a mountain peak and it came up to the right of the peak. Did the same thing with photopills app. Do I have to make some kind of adjustment for the state I’m in. Also moon always comes up 35 minutes from the time the website says. thanks

Hi @farwest - if you’re using the times and directions of moonrise, it’s critical to know that these ALWAYS refer to the unobstructed horizon (not just in TPE, but in pretty much any app or web site).

Where it says ‘sunrise’ in these sketches, you can also substitute ‘moonrise’, ‘sunset’, ‘moonset’ etc.:

This post explains it all in a bit more detail:

If you want to know when the Moon will appear behind a mountain peak, you need to be using the Geodetics, 3D or Visual Search tools to determine that.