New Beta Available: 3.12 - Timeline tips and Lunar Declination

An update is available now at

3.12.0 May 7 2024

  • NEW: the events list and timeline now include the Moon’s maximum and minimum declination. At these times, moonrise and set occur at their most northerly or southerly azimuths in the current draconic month (which runs from the Moon’s passage through its ascending node to the next). With the major lunar standstill reaching its peak in 2024-25, these additional events can be used to help identify opportunities to shoot the Moon in alignments that only occur every 18-19 years. Requires PRO subscription.
  • NEW: explanations for each timeline event plus photography tips are shown when hovering the mouse over any event in the timeline.
    -UPDATED: the events list now shows extended titles for each listed event, making it clearer what is being shown
  • UDPATED: when geodetics is enabled, the sightline chart can now be toggled on/off entirely using the new chart button at the right hand side. This may be useful for users with limited screen real estate

If you have a chance to try it out, leave a comment with your feedback - particularly for the new hover-over timeline info:

(And yes, i’ve just fixed the typo in the photography tips section!)

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Love the changes! The mouse overs “may” get in the way at times, but I think it is just something to get used to. Is there a setting to turn them on and off?

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Thanks for the feedback Rick - I just uploaded an update that positions the tips a bit better (they follow the mouse left to right, but don’t obscure any of the individual event text). There’s also a new setting to control whether they’re shown or not.

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Perfect! Thanks so much!

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Helpful additions and updates!


I released this update today, ahead of tomorrow’s webinar. There’s also a help article published here that describes what it all means: