New beta available, 4.13

4.13 b560

  • Updated astronomical and maps libraries
  • Improved accuracy for geodesic lines when using Google Maps

There’ll be further updates to this version later in the week. This is the first version to start using a new implementation of the astronomical and geodetic algorithms, which I’ve been rewriting in Swift (Apple’s modern language for iOS development).

In case you’re wondering whether we rely on beta testing to check if all the calculations are correct, the answer is no. I have a unit test suite (several hundred tests for the full implementation) that checks all the calculations to more precision than should ever be needed in practice:

However, beta testing is extremely helpful in terms of establishing the stability of the release (no crashes, hangs) and for functional testing - so please give it a whirl.

If you’d like to join the beta testing program, drop us a line!

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