New in TPE for iOS beta 4.13 build 562

From the beta release notes:

4.13 b562

  • Solar eclipse local circumstances are now shown in the timeline (previously they were available via the eclipse simulator only)
  • Solar eclipse contact timings are included when you select the “Email shot” option from the sharing action sheet
  • Solar eclipse “mini-simulator” in the altitude chart is now more accurate. It calculates the instantaneous circumstances of the eclipse from the Besselian elements rather than relying
    on the lower accuracy Meeus algorithms (which are more than accurate enough for every photographic purposes except solar eclipses…)
  • Improved handling of shared URLs and AirDrop
  • Missing translations corrected

If you’d like to try the Beta, let me know.

Also, don’t forget that you can access the full eclipse simulator by choosing a time during the eclipse, then tapping the “mini-simulator” at the bottom right of the screen (the black circle on grey in the screenshot above):

Additionally, you can tap the outline mode button (top right - overlapping circles icon) to view the Baily’s Beads simulation and lunar limb profile circumstances:

This is described in full detail for the web app here - it works almost identically in the iOS app, just with fewer controls (we made some judgement calls to provide sensible defaults for things like exposure and beads resolution).

This version was approved by Apple overnight and released this morning.

It’s rolling out to current users over the coming 7 days - that’s something we always do just in case any issues some up unexpectedly. Much better to do a controlled release and have to be patient, that to blast it out there and regret it!

Here’s an updated App Store graphic that we’ll get included in the next update!