Opinions on 3 Legged Thing L-plates?

Does anyone own or has anyone tried out 3 Legged Thing L-plates?

I’m quite taken with the orange colour :wink: And the price is almost half of RRS.


I have an “L” plate on all my cameras. Shooting mostly on a tripod it makes it fast to attach the camera…Those 3LT plates look solid enough…

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I’ve switched from L brackets to these:

Like having a lens foot for your shorter lenses. No interference with any door, LCD, or battery compartment. I have Sonys. Your mileage may vary.

Does interfere with my 1.4X, though. I have to take it off when using it. OK for me, since my long lenses have a foot anyway

I realize I answered a question you did not ask. Sorry

I have used 3LT L plates. They work fine

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Interesting - I’d not seen a device like that previously!

Agreed - I’ve used Really Right Stuff L-plates for years. Wouldn’t be without one - makes handling the camera so much easier. It’s good to see other manufacturers coming out with decent-looking product options too.

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They are not perfect, but I REALLY enjoy being able to get to all the doors on the side and being able to fully reticulate the LCD on my Sonys. May not be as big a problem on the other camera bodies. It’s also kinda nice to be able to rotate the camera slightly to correct the horizon without unlocking the ball head.

Don’t have a 3 legged one, but any L bracket is great to have. Mine stays on the camera all the time…

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In the UK I have recently bought an Orange coloured one for my Nikon Z9. I have used Kirk L plates in the past but I couldn’t get one for the Z9.

The 3 legged L plate is very good, strongly made and quick and easy to attach to the tripod plus it’s cheaper.

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I ended up buying one - very nicely made, fits well, side access is good (even with my larger than average hands).

I removed the two screws that were installed on the bottom (indicated in the photo) - I wasn’t sure what they were intended for (maybe to keep the camera semi-captive on a loosened clamp?), but they made the body rather wobbly when standing on a table surface and that made me nervous.

And I love the colour!

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Hi, I’ve got one for several years now and it is perfect. Go for it!

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If you slightly loosen the plate on the tripod and adjust your camera sideways those screws don’t let your camera fall out of the tripod. But nothing else. You can live without them. :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming! Yes, I think I can happily live without them. My old RRS plate for the D800 didn’t have anything like that, I’m pretty sure.

I have one I really like it.

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