Remote Tethering to a Laptop

I tried doing this yesterday. Works great ,night time on moon shots, the only draw back to this daytime lot of reflection on the screen. My question to this is it a good way of photographing the eclipse?

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Hi @Hendrik - what are you using to control the camera? There are three software packages I know of that are specialized for eclipses:

I believe each of them has particular affinity with certain camera brands. I have never tried them myself.

I could see it making sense if you’re controlling multiple cameras, but it feels like overkill for a single camera.

I’ve always figured that if you only have one camera and you’ve gone to the trouble of automating it, you must really care about getting the shots - but if that’s case, it seems unlikely that it’s going to ‘free you up’ to sit back and just watch - I’d be obsessed about checking if it was all working properly!

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Hi Stephen: What I was using was the Sony IEDT software it works ok. The reason I was looking into doing this was for the live view I figured a 13" screen would be better than the screen on the camera. After another day of experimenting with this I found that I was too involve with computer & I was afraid that I would miss important time lines. I bought a skywatcher tracking mount for the camera. Works well. This is my first kick astrophotography I also have a 6" scope with a Zwo camera. Thanks Stephen By the way I enjoyed the two webinar very informative! I hoping that the weather will cooperate with Buffalo on the 8th

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I had spent 3 weeks to automate controlling 4 Nikon cameras with Eclipse Orchestrator. It works fine for controlling 3, D850, D810 and Z7II. It is not able to control ZF setting except iso. I had make the others 3 cameras to do what I wanted. However, it is a serial control process. It can only send signal to fire one shot at a time with specific iso f-stop and shutter speed. There is no high speed shot, bracket or interval shooting function. When I try my system test, it takes too long to trigger the numbers of shots that I need to cover the wide range of EV with bracketing and the number of camera it control is not the reason it get slow down. I have to go back to setup interval shooting with bracketing to get more shots faster to get all the bracketing range that I want.

Another issue I have is that once your started the program, you cannot see/review the result of any shots unless you the stop the program, review your shots and restart the program.