Saving building height with a location

I’d like to see building height saved with the location data, maybe the building height could be tied to gps lat and long data or tied to where you drop the gray pin. For example I take photos of the Moon rising over the Cleveland skyline from a park about 3 miles away, there are 3 or 4 tall buildings of different heights that I’d like to get the moon behind or on top of so having the building height stored would be a time saver. Say I want to see if I could get a shot of the Moon when it was just above the Terminal Tower which is 708FT tall. I could drop the grey pin on the tower and it would automatically enter the height of the building

Hi @ronskinner4435 - good news: saving buliding heights with your locations has been available since early last year. Just enter the “Elevation offset” into the saved location and it will display it in the location list, and set it when you use the location:

Building height displayed in the location listing

Set Elevation Offset when editing your location

Building height is set from saved location when loaded

Let me know if you have any questions on where to find all this or how it works!

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Ok I see what you’re doing but you’re saving the height at the red pin or shooting location, not the building height at the subject location (gray pin) In your example you’re saving the height of the Empire State Building at the red pin. I guess what I’d like to see is the ability to save multiple gray pin or subject heights when shooting from a fixed red pin or shooting location. In you’re example I’d reverse the red and gray pins, so I would have the gray pin on the Empire State Building and want to save the gray pin height, on another day I might want to shoot another tall building near the Empire State Building so I’d move the gray pin to the other building and want it to know the height of that building. So I’d have a fixed red pin (shooting location) but a gray pin (subject location) that changes.

When I’m shooting the moon in Cleveland, my Red Pin shooting location is always Edgewater Park and there are various buildings in Cleveland I’d like to get the moon behind depending on time of the year. One time might be the Terminal Tower, another time the Key Tower. So the Red pin (Edgewater Park) stays the same but my subject gray pin (Terminal Tower, Key Tower ) changes. So if I’m planning my shoot I’d put the red pin at Edgewater park and then depending on the date I’d either put the gray pin on the Terminal Tower or Key Tower and want to have TPE automatically know the height of the building where I put the gray pin. In your example you save the building at the Red pin and I guess you then swap the Red and Gray pins but when you swap pins does the height follow the pin or stay at the original saved location?

Hi @ronskinner4435 - the elevation offset saved with the location can be applied to either red or grey pin. It doesn’t care which. If you have geodetics enabled, you can select a saved location and apply to either red or grey pin - the choice is yours.

Saved locations don’t ‘belong’ to one pin or the other - they can be used to set the position for either.

When you swap the pins, the heights stay put - on the assumption that just because we’re swapping pins doesn’t mean we can move the buildings too!

If you had multiple heights for the same location (e.g. different observation decks or floors in the same tall building), you can save multiple locations for the same coordinates, but with different elevation offset values - and of course, it would make sense to name them differently.

Does that help?

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I love this is added now. Clearly, I need to read the release notes more often. I don’t see it on the iOS version, though.

And, if I may piggy pack on the topic a little, is there a way to include that elevation offset in the share URL? Long story short, I keep my shot plans in a spreadsheet that generates a TPE URL, so I’m not using pre-saved pins as much.

Hi @tmealyphoto - you’re right that this isn’t currently in the iOS version. I’m working on a major update for later this year which will include it though.

The Web app URLs do already include the elevation offsets: for example here the sh parameter (443.179…) is the height of the Empire State Building in meters at the primary pin, and the ch parameter (15.2399…) is an arbitrary height of 50 feet above the ground at the secondary pin:

If you open this URL in the web app, you should see the heights displayed in the geodetics bar at the left hand side:

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 22.02.17

(PRO subscription required to edit the values.)

Maybe also worth mentioning that the building heights can be applied to the Visual Search function (e.g. find when the Moon aligns with the top of the Empire State building from this shooting location).

There’s a full tutorial on how to use this available here.

Maybe @kev has a better photo of Glastonbury Tor I could use to illustrate it!