Select 3D model for Field of View tool?

After using TPE for literally years, I only learnt about the FoV tool in todays webinar. This is perfect timing for me as I am toying with the idea of buying a Fuji GX617 (6cm x 17cm negative) and I’ve been trying to pre-visualize what the different lenses of that camera will show me for a particular scene before dropping $$$ on that camera.

The FoV tool uses a fixed sized 3D model of a tree (24m high) at a fixed distance from the camera (100 m). Would it be possible to add options to this tool to select the height of the model, as well as the distance from the camera?

Additional to that would be to select between some standard generic models, such as the tree (as currently is), a building, and a mountain.

Of course the ultimate change would be to incorporate the FoV tool with the TPE 3D and map tool!

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Hi Peter - welcome! Great questions. The FOV tool was built around 16 months ago as a prototype for something to incorporate into Photo Ephemeris Web. I’m getting close to the point where I should be able to progress that. I already have a collection of 3D models ready to go for this very purpose.

Watch this space :slight_smile:

Great to hear! Before I saw the FoV tool I was about to mock something similar up in Blender (and tie it into a terrain map of my first potential subject).