Upcoming Webinar: Aligning the Sun, Moon and Milky Way

I’ll be sending out a general mailing about this later today, but wanted to let you know here first: we’ll be running a webinar this coming Saturday, Feb 10 titled Aligning the Sun, Moon and Milky Way.

We’ll be launching a new PRO feature later this week, Sightline Analysis which makes alignment planning over varied terrain a breeze, particularly for those who prefer working with 2D maps instead of 3D models. The webinar will introduce this new functionality, as we all review the existing tools TPE offers for alignment planning.

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In this session, we’ll cover how to use Photo Ephemeris Web to plan alignments of the Sun, Moon and Milky Way - TPE offers multiple tools to help with this task, and we’ll cover them all:

  • Using the geodetics pin
  • Using the new Sightline Analysis tool
  • Alignment using 3D maps
  • Visual search
  • How to use elevation offsets for buildings or drone landscape photography

If you’re interesting in planning shots that include the Sun, Moon or Milky Way, this webinar is for you!

To get the most out of this session, you should have a basic working knowledge of Photo Ephemeris Web.

The session will be recorded and made available to registered attendees a few days after the event.


Oh, and one more thing we’ll cover: you can use the new sightline chart to visualize the size of the Sun or Moon relative to a subject feature.

For example: “If I shoot the Full Moon behind the Empire State Building from 14 miles away, how big will it appear?” Find out in the webinar!


Looking forward to learning more about this new tool on Saturday!

Great timing as I’m planning to shoot the full moon in April behind this rock formation in the Santa Monica Mountains near me.


Don’t tell me - is it called ‘balanced rock’ ? :upside_down_face: Looks like a great location!

That’s exactly what they call it on Google maps! :laughing: Yes, it is a great location and not a difficult hike.