Where were you in Texas for Solar Eclipse? Did you get clear sky?

We spend 2 days worrying about getting a clear sky in Texas to shoot the Solar Eclipse. We are staying in Frio Country Resort. We changed location six times for a possible clear sky, Down to Mexico, Lampases, Sabinas, Dallas, Stay in Frio. Finally we decided on Mason TX on Sunday nnight. We started driving at 5:00 am. Arrived in Mason at 7:30 am. Decided to pay $60.00 for a parking spot in the golf course. At 8:30 PM the sky was completely covered by cloud. It starts clearing up by 11:30 AM. got a mostly clear sky through totality. 5 minutes after totality, clouds moves in and started raining. No C4 needless to say. Lucky to have mostly clear sky for the entire totality. I wonder if we made the right choice in Texas for Mason. Where did everyone go in Texas and how is the sky there during the Eclipse?Got a couple unprocessed photo directly off the camera. Need to do processing after I get home to Calgary, 4 more days driving.



Hi Victor - glad it all worked out. I heard from a few folks who were clouded out in Texas, and it sounds like you had a moderately close call!

How’s the drive home going? We just got back to Boulder from Mexico late last night.

My wife said, since You have your double diamond ring, now I want mine. Our way back is a major shopping trip for my wife. 2 more days will be home, we are in Denver now. Thanks Stephen!

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We were in Emory,Tx and woke up Monday morning to fog and low clouds. Luckily those burned off and we had partly, rapidly moving, cloudy conditions with clear skys for the whole of totality. Just downloading images now and looking forward to what I got.


I had actually planned to drive from San Antonio to Kerrville, but then decided to try further north in Lampasas because of the forecast. At first it was still cloudy, but it cleared up around lunchtime. Unfortunately, shortly before totality, clouds moved in again and I missed the diamond ring because the sun had moved out of my focus in the meantime. Nevertheless, I still managed to take a few pictures before the clouds moved in front of the sun again.
Pictures with Nikon Z9 and Nikkor 180-600.


We ended up on the cover of the Mason County Daily News. We are the 4 on the left edge.