Wired shutter release on Nikon Z8 with L-clamp

If there are any Nikon shooters reading, I wonder if you’ve run into this one? The Z8 has an angled round 10-pin connector socket for remotes etc. - which is generally great, as the older flat style could be a nightmare to tighten/untighten, particularly with cold fingers.

However, it results in the cable release interfering mechanically when trying to place the camera in portrait mode when using an L-clamp - it simply can’t be made to work:

Has anyone run into this and come up with a workable solution? I prefer wired remotes (simpler, less to go wrong), but I’d be interested to hear of any thoughts on how to solve this one!

Hi Stephen,
I have a Z8 and L-bracket (RRS). I see what you mean that this is a tight fit. But it works with my L-bracket. At least with the RRS L-bracket you can also adjust how far it is off the camera body, which if too close I could see having the problem you mentioned.

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Hi John - in the past I’ve always used RRS plates, but tried something new this time around (the RRS stuff is very pricey nowadays). Live and learn!

I can’t spot a wired option that looks like it will fit with the current plate, so I’m looking at this instead:


Anyone have any experience with these?

BTW - be careful when googling for Vello Freewave: one wrong letter and you’ll be getting hairstyling product ads served at you for the next 2 months!

Hi Stephen,

I have not the specific wireless trigger you are looking at, but I have used SMDV’s RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release for many years in all my Nikon’s, including the Z8, without any issues.




Interesting - looks like Vello copied that design. Do you typically have to remove the receiver to preserve camera battery?