Sample images you planned using TPE?

Alignments, rise/set, Milky Way orientation, etc. I have an album on Flickr that I’ve put some examples into: [](https://The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE) album on Flickr).

I use TPE a lot, so I’m sure that I’ve forgotten to add at least as many more photos!


Wow - that’s great Jeff. I know I’ve seen a good number of your shots before, but not sure I’d come across this album.

“Crescent Moon Set Over the Minarets” is a beautiful shot.

Thank you for sharing!

I run a photo group on FB and we have photo shoots every fall and winter where we get the moon rising over Cleveland, Ohio from Upper Edgewater park which is about 3.5 miles away. Great view of the city from there and TPE is always used to plan the shoot. Cleveland Moonrises - Digital Images by Ron Skinner


High Sierra Moonise

Here is one of my images I planned thanks to TPE. Photo is of the almost full moon rising over the shoulder of Roundtop Peak in Alpine County, CA. Photo taken 6/23/21 with a 600mm and a 2x converter.


Hi @Michael - welcome onboard! That’s a beautiful shot. Super sharp - that always feel like a challenge in my limited experience with teleconverters. Thanks for posting!

Thanks Stephen and thanks for starting up this forum! In my experience shooting with Nikon, Canon, and now Sony, I find that OEM teleconverters can be very sharp when used in combination with a good prime lens and a contrasty subject. When used on a zoom lens, they can sometimes not do so well, especially 2x converters. (My background is nearly 40 years as a photojournalist so I’m very familiar with Nikon, Canon and Sony gear) This particular image was taken with a Sony A1 and a Sony FE 600mm f4 GM with the Sony 2x converter.

Shutter : 1/100 sec.
Aperture : f13
ISO : 400

Hi @Michael - thanks for the additional details! My only real attempts at using one were on a 200-500mm Nikkor zoom with a Nikon 1.4x. Focussing was a real challenge - and that was even before putting the solar filter on the lens. I abandoned the idea…

Maybe if I ever end up with a telephoto prime, I’ll give it another go - your shot is certainly inspiration to try!

I’ve planned hundreds of sun and moon alignments over the years since starting out as a landscape photographer here in Glastonbury. This is one of my favourites (and a regular seller) which was shot at just over 8 km from Glastonbury Tor seen in the distance using my trusty Nikon 70-200 mm f2.8.


Hello to all TPE users!

Here is one of the many moonshots I have planned using TPE!
I took it in Postojna, Slovenia in spring 2021, the distance was of about 800 m if I remember


What do you do when you’re bored in a hotel in the middle of nowhere? You open TPE.

Only took four 3:15 AM mornings and USBP pulling guns on me, but I think it was worth it.


Thanks again Stephen!

Tonight’s full moon in the Santa Monica Mountain Range in Los Angeles, California. Wish I could say that is my home!!!


Wow - great shots everyone! Thanks so much for sharing them - they’re inspiring to see.

And @tmealyphoto - that’s quite the story! I feel we need to hear more :wink:

Hi this is a recent one from last week using TPE and Skyfire to plan it.


This is one of a number of shots that I and other members of our team were able to capture, after nearly two years of planning and weather challenges. The concept was to capture these highliners traversing Gunsight Notch in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia in front of the nearly full moon. In order to make this work we needed to know where (within a few feet) and when (within a few seconds) the moon would rise in the lower left corner of the notch so that its trajectory would take to the right spot where the highline would be set up. This is only possible a few times per year, and only once or twice with warm sunset light on the rocks. TPE was simply indispensable for searching for when these circumstances would come together and fine tuning the location and timing, and Stephen was very helpful in helping me take advantage of the features and precision of TPE.

This project generated a lot of buzz and media attention, and a version of this shot was on the cover of Highland Outdoors magazine.



Just a few shots of moonrise behind Ely Cathedral, all aided by TPE (I have LOTS more!)


They are outstanding, I love the compositions, especially the third one with the meadow/field on the foreground!

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The wolf moon from Querétaro, Méjico (yes with j because is so must be)…


I use TPE frequently for moonrise/moonset photography and Skyfire for planning landscape shots. Here is a sample of some of moon photos. Thank you for the invite to this group.


I’ve been using TPE since November 2009 for planning: moon, sun, milkyway, object shadow, and object lighting which I post on flickr. All my TPE photos on flickr. Also the Admin for the The Photographer’s Ephemeris group on flickr; if you post on flickr please add your TPE photos.

Below is a sampling from the past year:

Twin Rocks • Capturing the Moment • 4:42PM November 15, 2023
by Victor von Salza, on Flickr

Moonset • 7:35AM October 28, 2023 by Victor von Salza, on Flickr

Vista House Moon Set • 9:31AM February 11, 2023 by Victor von Salza, on Flickr

Tilikum Crossing Shadow • Observation Bump-Out View by Victor von Salza, on Flickr