Where are you going to see the April 8th eclipse?

This is one of the most ‘viewable’ eclipses for years, passing over large swathe of the more densely populated parts of North America:

BTW, the embedded map below is using our new API service, Radiant Drift. Try it out if you want embedded maps or eclipse simulators on your site!

We’re planning on heading to Torréon, Mexico as part of a special eclipse trip organised through a UK firm called Astro Trails, who have been running specialist eclipse expeditions since 1979.

Torréon is near the centre line (handy, but not essential), near the point of maximum eclipse duration (:+1: ), and has historically the lowest April cloud cover of anywhere on the path (:+1: :+1:).

This link shows you the eclipse path and local circumstances on the central line north of Torréon.

We’re hoping to do a little gear upgrading before April - nothing spectacular, but the old Nikon D800 is starting to feel a little bulky for international travel. More on that later!

Where are you going? What equipment are you taking? What do you hope to photograph?

I will be in Mazatlan for the eclipse. Can’t wait! Clear skies to all!


Gonna take photos of the eclipse from Cleveland, Ohio. We are in the direct path of the eclipse so hope to get some good shots. Hope we have clear skies that day!

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Still deciding. Texas would be conveniently close and provide the opportunity for stops in the Southwest driving out and back, but Burlington, Vermont, Maine, or Nova Scotia would be a fun change of scenery.

Not too far from us, but with nicer seaside views!

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Hi @Jeff_Sullivan - I guess it’s a question of your cloud risk tolerance! I’m guessing you’ve consulted this page already? Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 | Eclipsophile

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Hopefully!! Good luck to all!

I live in West Virginia and have family in north central Ohio near the path, so that will be the preferred location. But Ohio is cloudy in April, so I have a contingency: I found a campground in SW Arkansas that had a site available, right next to a lake with an open view (yes, confirmed with geodetics on TPE!). So a couple days out if Ohio does look good its off to Arkansas!

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Hi Dave! That sounds like a great idea. I just hope that our tour operator has a similar contingency (I suppose as long as they have coaches and plenty of fuel, we have options…)

Planning on shooting with 2 cameras, both mounted to my ZWO AM3 EQ mount. Sony A7IV with Sony 100-400mm with a 1.4X for portrait work (Timelapse sequence, BBs, and super HDR of the corona during eclipse). The other camera will be the Sony A7S3 with the Sony 24-70 f/2.8 to get the eclipsed sun with Venus, Jupiter, and maybe maybe maybe the comet.


I live in the western suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. The centerline of totality is about three miles from my home.

If the weather is looking good, I’ll stay here. Because the weather in Cleveland in April is usually not that great, I have hotel reservations in Rochester, New York, Indianapolis, Indiana, southern Illinois, and San Antonio, Texas. I’ll decide a few days ahead which ones to cancel. For Rochester, Indiana, and Illinois I’ll drive. I have reservations to fly to San Antonio.

Wow @Frank - you really have it covered! Not sure I could cope with the uncertainty, let alone all the admin :wink: It’s weird living right in the path as you do, but still having to make all the travel plans!

I will be in my city where I grew up Mazatlán Sinaloa, exactly in my grandmother’s house in front of the Cathedral Basilica of Mazatlán, there it will be complete for me and I will expose my photos on my website that is now seen by more than 17 million people. according to Google… www.carloscalzada.com

Using the graphics from Photo Ephemeris, I built this short video (sorry it’s only in Spanish although with few words).

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Better idea, the most of the century, if you go to my beautiful town…

I read that you are a Sony lover, I also go with my Sony camera and the necessary equipment…

Hi @cgcalzada - great to have you here. Love the video! How do you get the black background on the Sphere page? I wasn’t even aware that was possible!

Sounds like a wonderful plan, to be able to photograph the event in Mazatlán!

Hi Stephen, It is possible to put it in dark mode by simply placing an extension in Chrome so that the websites you want are in dark mode (Dark Mode Everywhere) also includes Photo Ephemeris of course…

Your plan to be in Mazatlan and drink a very cold Pacifico beer is excellent…

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It looks pretty cool with the black background :wink:

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My plan is Montreal, Quebec, depending on clouds I may have to venture east, west or south.
I’m planning on some closeups using my Dwarf 2 using time lapse, as well as a landscape which I will composite in Photoshop using my Canon 5D and a wide angle lens (35mm)

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We are staying in a cabin in Concan, Texas

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